Changing of a seasonViewed like treasonDawning of winterWind jabs like a splinterThrough the skin it breaks Whiteout of the sensesFilling every one of the tensesAir choked with brittle iceStinging worse than head in a viceNot sure there’s a shelf life Blanket of pearly whiteCovers whether day or nightCrunch beneath every footMirror to an expanse ofContinue reading “Chill”


Soft flakes upon the lawnFloating down from heavenWhisked by the swirling windTo dance as they descendPristine under the rising sunWaiting for the children to comeHours pass before the sleighsBodies wrapped up against the minus degreesThe white blanket broken by the funAs snowballs are sent hurlingThe cries of joy are thick and fastAs they wish forContinue reading “Flakes”