A chasm between us two
No way of seeing you
Eyes lost to the void
Another day feeling annoyed
Searching for a way
To see you stand before me
Dream i still cling to
Violence took me from you
Shattered days burn away
Another bottle might end this day

Eternity keeps us apart
Life is without light
Bones hollowed by time
There is no happy ending
Fairy tales are a lie
What stands before me is misery
Nightmares are all i see
Death is here with me
Pills won’t fix the pain
A gun might be my true calling

Standing atop the mountain
Staring at the abyss surrounding
Weakened by my days on Earth
Another night might be too much
Iced veins agonising
Black heart unbeating
What was i ever thinking
Time has been fleeting
Stand waiting for the rush
Soon my body will be crushed

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