Souls In A Jar

Hey! OK, now we’re going to have something a little different. Up to this point its all been poetry related posts, so this will mark the first departure from that. Though, I’m not going to lie, I have no idea what to call this. While writing it I called it a transcript. Essentially, its just the speech between various people and how it has been recorded for posterity. This was something I tried because I’d been reading quite a lot of text entries in games like The Outer Worlds. So thought I’d try it. This is the first of five such “transcripts” that I wrote. Each will be released, though they don’t follow on directly from each other, every Wednesday. Then I’ll move onto posting some other stuff. Anyway, that’s enough from me, so here it is:

Transcript/Lost Diary/Fathoms Old/Retelling/Forgotten Knowledge: – Four (4) present: One (1) Guide, Two (2) Sole Traveller, Three (3) Sole Traveller, Four (4) Deceiver – Loki

[1] The wolves are at the door, baying for blood.

[1] You have three options: fight, run or welcome what fate decides. What do you do?

[2] That’s not really three options. It’s two. Fight or don’t.

[1] You believe running is the same as welcoming fates decision?

[2] Well it is.

[1] Interesting.

[2] You either fight or run. Fate’s decision is death, so it’s the same as running.

[1] And you dear man, what do you say?

[3] I don’t believe in fate, so I see only two options.

[1] But which would you both pick?

[3] What are we facing? Are they wolves?

[1] Does it matter?

[2] Course it does. A single foe is a fight. An army would be a massacre.

[1] Then you face your fear?

[3] You can’t fight a fear.

[1] Oh but you can.

[2] Then I fight it.

[1] And you who say’s fear cannot be fought?

[3] I’d fight too.


[3] What would you do?

[1] I welcome fate.

[3] So you run?

[1] No.

[3] You accept defeat.

[1] Accepting fate is not defeat.

[2] Yeah it is. You accept fate, you die.

[1] Truly your belief?

[2] Yep. If you run you might survive. If you fight you might survive. But fate is death. It’s giving in. Giving up.

[1] Then how do I still stand?

[2] You accepted fate?

[1] We must all accept fate one day.

[3] Why?

[1] Cause choice is a lie that the masses convince themselves is true.

[2] What does that even mean?

[1] You think you chose to be here? But do you even know where here is?

[3] A refuge. A place to rest.

[1] Then why do you still linger?

[2] We don’t. We’re resting.

[1] Then try to leave.

[3] We don’t wish to.

[1] No, you can’t.

[1] You made a choice and now you stand together but alone. Trapped in this place. You call it refuge. I call it prison.

[2] Lies!

[1]Then prove me wrong.

[2] Fine!



[2] I can’t leave. What is this place?

[3] Bad joke.

[2] I’m not joking.

[3] Here, let me try.



[3] What is this? Why can’t I leave?

[1] Your choices were wrong.

[2] What have you done? Let us out?

[3] Release us!

[1] I cannot release you for I had no part in your entrapment.

[2] Lies!

[3] Lies!

[1] You chose poorly. I did not. I bid you farewell friends.

[2] Let us out!

[3] We are not friend’s captor!

[1] They still don’t see.

[4] They never will. You knew this before.

[1] I thought I could guide them.

[4] No one can be guided here.

[4] Like you said: they chose poorly.

[1] Did they choose or did you deceive them?

[4] Whatever do you mean?

[1] You know full well Loki. You know full well.

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