I look to the sky and I wonder why
The fleeting lives are forgotten about
We push and we bare the pain
But eventually there will be nothing
So small and fragile is life
But still we squander all it deals out
Children crying and fighting for air
Food rots and we give no care
Gods are victims in our nightmare
As we cling to the words of someone else
False leaders decide our future “transcendence”
With no real remorse or compassion
Everything has become a chance at fame
Generations past fought for something
While we oblige and herd onward
Claiming our own advancing brilliance
Proving power won against the soul
As freedom is traded for information
Stock markets rose as the new religion
So we buy up every fashionable item
All while more join the hamster wheel
Powered and controlled by other hands
It keeps spinning until we’re weak
Then its time to struggle til death
We’re so smart we unravel ourselves

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