Curiosity Kills

And here lies the fourth “transcript” of the series (If you want any of the previous three entries, here are the links for Souls In A Jar, Trapped In A Cage and Taste Of Your Own Medicine). Can you tell I’m terrible at introductions? Anyway, here it is:

Transcription/Lost Diary/Old Fathoms/Retelling/Don’t Pry: – Four (4): One (1) Watchful Man, Two (2) Drunk Man, Three (3) Guide, Four (4) Deceiver – Loki

[1] Where did he come from?

[2] Who?

[1] Him.

[2] No idea. Does it matter?

[1] He wasn’t there a second ago.

[2] How can you be sure?

[1] I’ve been staring at that door all night.

[2] That means nothing. You’re drunk.

[1] I’ve had less than half what you have?

[2] Then you’re weak.

[1] Just shut it and drink.

[2] Are you going to join?

[1] If I do who’s going to get you out of the fight you’re inevitably going to start?

[2] I don’t fight.

[1] You do when you’re drunk.


[2] You think you’re better than me, don’t you?

[1] What?

[2] You heard me.

[1] Don’t start this. Not now.

[2] Why? You worried you’re new flame might get the wrong idea?

[1] Just drink you’re swill.

[2] Not until you’ve bought me two more.

[1] With what?

[2] Your coin.

[1] I have none.

[2] Why not?

[1] Cause I’ve been buying the drinks all night.

[2] Oh yeah. Wondered why I was still drinking.


[2] I still want another you know?

[1] And how are you going to do that?

[2] Like this.

[2] Excuse me dear man. May I trouble you for a drink?

[1] Shut it will you. It’s not funny.

[2] Oh relax. It’ll be fine.

[3] Are you calling to me?

[2] I am.

[1] Sorry sir. He’s very drunk. Apologise.

[2] Don’t speak for me.

[1] What choice do I have? You’re causing a scene AGAIN!

[2] Bah with you!

[2] Sorry about my friend. He’s uptight.

[2] A drink?

[3] You want me to buy you one?

[2] Got it in one. You’re sharp.

[1] You’re drunk.

[2] Shush!

[2] Well?

[3] You should listen to your friend.

[2] If I did that I’d be asking how you got here.

[3] Why?

[2] Cause my friends been watching that door next to you all night and you didn’t walk in through it.

[1] Shut up will you!

[1] I’m so very sorry sir. He says a lot of stupid things when he’s drunk.

[1] Now STOP!

[2] Never!

[2] Well? What do you have to say?



[3] I say you should have listened to your friend.

[2] Why’s that?

[4] Cause questions are bad.

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