You pound your head against the wall
Hoping that you are dreaming still
But as the fog begins to fade
You realise you are the slave
Consumed by what you hate most
Will you ever face that ghost?

You slam your fist into everything
Sure that it will help your failing
Even as the anger rises
You still refuse to accept the blame
Swallowed by all your lies
Will you ever end the cries?

Kicking at the world in vain
Don’t you see you are the same?
Wishing pain upon the rest
You have never passed the test
Squeezing out the light inside
Will you finally decide?

Roaring for the whole world to listen
Still trying to bring division
Hoping no one will see
You are just the same as me
Waiting for a time to lead
Will you just stop your greed?

Killing all that lies within
You’re still not a good human being
Hunting for a new day
But you will never get away
Shattered now you hope and pray
Too little, too late is all we say

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