You feel the fear well up inside
Can’t ignore as it won’t subside
You hope that it will end soon
Reality is it’s feeding off you

Another pit that fills with fear
Don’t even know how you got here
Clenching fists to direct the flow
Unfortunately it just won’t go

You gasp for air as you breathe
Your chest is filling mentally
You’d sell your soul to call it quits
But in honesty its not happening

You try to shift your head space
But now you’re stuck in this place
You dream of chances to be free
Afraid to say it’s here to stay

Fighting to get you back on track
Sorry to say it’s too late for that
Instead you will have to change tact
The enemy won’t raise the flag

Shaking hands are all you’ve got
Another blow that stops you short
Holding strong but falling foul
The truth is you backed down

You hear the words as they form
Another insult to you born
You scream aloud and hope to sail
But yet again you will just fail

You feel the dread deep in you
It won’t relent anytime soon
Its taken hold and taken root
Reality is it’s a part for good

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