Locked Eyes

I walk around and all I see are people glued to a screen
Trapped within the digital frame of fifteen minutes of pointless fame
Grabbing at the words of fools who they currently think are cool
While the world spins into disaster, Oh look another telecaster
But the words are cheap and will be getting cheaper
If only people would listen to the beeper
Its the tone that tells you the end will soon be coming
But instead they bitch and moan while yelling at their latest phone
Making sure all those around can hear about what they plan to eat
Eyes roll from those nearby but they are still as guilty by and by
So how about you stop for once and just look at whats surrounding us
Do you think it can live on if we do nothing but carry on?
Reality is you just want an out but aren’t willing to work an ounce
So don’t complain when you don’t succeed because you just watched TV
Old fashioned concept it may be but its the same as you stare at that tiny screen
Then rage on apps about how people are dumb but you don’t even do a thing
So how about you stop the hate and look at this world as something great
Not everything is the same in pixels, so for a change go out and live a little

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