Force Change

Overpaid and underworkedOur system is a massive jerkTold that we are lazy and dumbTruth is we’re being bred to be numbTrapped in jobs that lead to a wallPoliticians and corporations think us the fool ExploitationWe need retaliationBreak the systemWe are the victim Force change! Buried under all the billsNo wonder we resort to pillsCut offContinue reading “Force Change”


OK then. This week is a Sci-Fi story. Idea came to me and I liked how it turned out. You may or may not be able to guess where this story is going, I don’t know. I’m not going to say too much on it other than this world is very broken. I essentially tookContinue reading “Evicted”

All The Same

No one is innocentEvery one is to blameWe all stand by and watchAnd only speak when we feel shame What a state of madnessHow can we remain?Humanity is so shatteredWe refuse to change Spiralling to disasterRotting at the coreGuilty by associationWe all have failed once more Choosing just what suitsRefusing to admitWhat a fake reflectionTheContinue reading “All The Same”


Wrapped in the madness of moneyWill you stop when this ain’t funny?Roll of the dice might kill tomorrowHiding in the shadows you always borrowStill scrounge for absolutely nothingThis is how you love the end that’s comingProbing at the new contaminationEnjoying the finale of the heartless nationPleading for another shot at fearIgnore what you don’t wantContinue reading “So-So”

Locked Eyes

I walk around and all I see are people glued to a screenTrapped within the digital frame of fifteen minutes of pointless fameGrabbing at the words of fools who they currently think are coolWhile the world spins into disaster, Oh look another telecasterBut the words are cheap and will be getting cheaperIf only people wouldContinue reading “Locked Eyes”