Would you wait in a field for me to appear?
Or would you walk away because I’m not here?
With a spring in your step or was it just fear?
Did you ever care or was it just an idea?
I don’t know but I can make a guess
You wanted something without pushing for it
Thought it would land in your pretty lap
But reality is, it doesn’t happen like that
So I hope you’re proud wherever you are
That you got that life for which you wouldn’t strive
And that like me you built a family
But somehow I know you just drifted away
Stuck on a dream that just never came
Too busy trying not to do a thing
So now you’ve lived a life of just existing
Blanked out time that you hate to see
But none of it will ever fade away
Maybe once you should have tried
But then you’d have to want to decide
Sorry but its time to go
This is all you should know

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