Will you walk through the valley of the shadow of death?
Or can we honestly say that you are just full of shit?
With a smile on your face and lies in your eyes
All you ever do is wear a disguise
So try a new direction where you don’t cause pain
But honestly I know you’d rather just go insane
Forming an opinion where all you do is decieve
Misdirect as you continue to thieve
Steal what you can with a smile on your face
While you hold a gun at your back called negotiate
Bribing your way with a bullet to the brain
You call it self-defense but its really a crime
Give another cop out just to continue your reign
As you build upon the ruins that you put to your name
While your riches grow high from all you’ve took
We can still always apply the title of crook
So when you need aid and look my way
Don’t be surprised if I just walk away

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