Get ready for war
Well fuck your war
You want the cannons to scream
Instead can it just be a dead dream?
Sick of the killing times
Age of despair and hate inside
No good will ever come
Just loss after loss for nothing
With skies that have gone black
Do you really think there will be a way back?
I know the solution you crave
But in the end they’ll be only graves
Plenty more killing fields
But you don’t know how it feels
Too busy selling lives
If it was your own you’d think twice
As the bombs fall from the skies
Bodies lay dead with glazed over eyes
Bullet casings all around
This was your doing and you feel proud
What a fucking waste
The sacrifice really wasn’t worth the gain
So now do you see?
I know you don’t thats why i believe
When it all comes to an end
It’ll be us just screaming at nothing

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