Aim Down Sights

Hi! Wow, its June! Doesn’t time fly? Anyway, this week the story I’ve got is a little different. To be honest its been inspired by recent world events. I guess it is kind of a Sci-Fi story, not going to get into why, you’ll have to see for yourself. What I will say is thatContinue reading “Aim Down Sights”

Spires Of Iron

Back with another story. This weeks, I did not notice until reviewing, sounds a lot like Gears Of War. Funny thing is it was Godzilla: King Of The Monsters which inspired it. Anyway, ignoring that aside. This is a sci-fi war-apocalypse story set on a world like Earth but not. In it humanity are losingContinue reading “Spires Of Iron”

Cycle Of Violence

As the bombs fallPeople try and crawlFlee for their livesHoping to surviveThis is not the waySociety in decayStop the bloodshedBefore all our dead Why is it that we feel such a need?Always have to fight and inflict miseryReign down hell onto the innocentBreed malice alongside contempt March through the streetsBillowing of sheetsCaught in the windBodiesContinue reading “Cycle Of Violence”


Wow, we’re at the last story day for 2020! I’m in shock! It’s been fun and is going to continue into 2021. First, let’s get to the point of this post, the new story. And the last one for the year is Sci-Fi again (unsurprisingly). It’s shorter than the last couple at about 14,400 wordsContinue reading “Horde”


March across the fields of the dead and goneChant about how you will save the songQuestion all you can about the heart in stoneAs you realise you are far away from home Ready, aim, fire with only rage fuelled desireWhile the cries ring out about the lies of empireNo more taunts about how to startContinue reading “Trauma”


The day has come. This is Locust. It’s a shorter story than those I’ve done recently (about 10,000 words). Let’s get to it. N’yur is crouched low behind a barricade that cuts one of the last main avenues of what remains of the Praetor capital of Aesur off. Ahead of him there is only destruction.Continue reading “Locust”

Blurb: Locust

This is going to be the next story (which will as normal be posted tomorrow). Not sure this should be called a blurb or a premise, but either way here is the reveal of Locust! A sentient race known as the Praetor are at war against an unknown alien species. The Praetor are losing againstContinue reading “Blurb: Locust”