Lies, Lies, Lies

I don’t usually post on a Thursday. But seeing as I wrote this a few days ago, it relates to current events and there’s already posts for the other four days of the week I thought, why not.

Lies, lies, lies
Will they ever stop?
Or are you too busy just making it up?
Twist some words to form a tale
No one believes you walked that trail
Just heed the calls and walk away
Or have you no form of decency?
Your ‘boss’ is just as bad as you
When he actually has a clue
Instead of spouting gibberish
Which not a single soul would miss
But we know you believe your hype
The only one that thinks its right
Cause you never make a mistake
That is why we should give you a break
But you are just a rotten soul
Pretending that you aren’t psycho
Cause if you had a shred of morality
You would have simply said sorry

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