Patented your own brand of hateAll your words are wrong and fakeSick of hearing you blather onHurry up and be goneNo time to sit and listenYour shining star is still missingSevered your realityJust your presence is draining me Get awayStation not propriety Forging pain with a slip of the tongueFeel a tightening in my lungWhatContinue reading “Salescum”

Grifters And Grafters

Happy New Year! 2021 is here and I hope everyone had a great Holiday season. I don’t usually put introductions before poetry posts, but seeing as it’s New Year’s Day I thought it only right. First I’ll start with some news and that is that there will continue to be daily posts (4 poems andContinue reading “Grifters And Grafters”

Wrap Yourself In A Flag

Another claim about how fair we areWhile killing those who don’t obeyJust wanting them to go awayA finger on the trigger to force your agendaMoments before your next benderDrowning what you don’t agreeCovering what you love in filigreeWhile praying to the colours of your flagSickened at the burning crowdChanting for your very endJust as theContinue reading “Wrap Yourself In A Flag”


You are the reason the world has gone darkInstigating a war that you crave to startCouldn’t care less about the lives that are lostDeath should come no matter the human costWith a knife to the throat of the worldHappy to watch the hope continue to erodeTwisting lies that you call truthsYou will never admit theContinue reading “Figurehead”

Stay Away

Should I listen one last time?I think I should just be ignoringHands over ears and humming loudI’ve never been all that proudJust don’t want to hear the excuseI know you can’t tell the truthFaced the reality so long agoJust wish I’d left then tooNot stayed and fed you my loveOnly for you to strike fromContinue reading “Stay Away”

Lies, Lies, Lies

I don’t usually post on a Thursday. But seeing as I wrote this a few days ago, it relates to current events and there’s already posts for the other four days of the week I thought, why not. Lies, lies, liesWill they ever stop?Or are you too busy just making it up?Twist some words toContinue reading “Lies, Lies, Lies”