Speechless Pro

Been thinking about posting on Thursday’s when there is a blurb post on the Tuesday of the same week. Not sure yet. Still, here’s a poem!

Blood on the streets
Hate in the veins
You stoked the fire
Now you feel the flames
Talk all your shit
Tell all the lies
You are the tyrant that is despised
Don’t try to act surprised
Won’t actually say a word
The victims deserve to be heard
Just hide away and talk all tough
But you are the disease that needs to be cut
History won’t call you great
Cause you are the biggest mistake
Most vile man to hold your seat
A real psycho that must be beat
Though still you swear its not you
Who do you think you’re talking to?
No one left will hear your words
Some day soon you’ll be on the curb
Now do one thing and make it quick
Get right out of that houses office

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