Assessing Nature

Have you ever stared at the leaves?
Given study to how vines weave?
Watched as the grass does grow?
Or does it all mean naught to you?

With vibrant colours of summers bloom
The taste of pollen continues to swarm
Swollen pods of future fertility
Taken great distances across the sky

Have you ever wondered how they grow?
Or how far down the roots go?
Will you watch as they follow the sun?
Or will you just take them for granted again?

With fading colours as autumn comes
The pollen has been spent and gone
All pods have been taken forward
They hide now until springs ordered

Do you ever fear they’ll go?
That one year the flowers will not grow?
Or are you sure it will always come?
That the colours will be born again?

As winter rages with driving rain
All the colour is completely missing
Trapped beneath a thin veneer
Dreary and sepia as it sits here

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