Gone Away

You went away so suddenly
Leaving just a hole in me
Stuck with just memories
They never faded away
As I searched the streets
Combed the hospitals and clinics
Even visited your old favourites
But each one let me down
You were nowhere to be found

Adorning posters on the walls
I swear I could hear your calls
Turning round for disappointment
It was never you that was present
Just a face I didn’t know the name
Another dose of failing again
Sickened by my own despair
Wishing you were right here
Still I couldn’t stop there

Retreating to my broken home
Searching records for nothing
Filing a report with the police
Didn’t hear from them week to week
And soon they just shelved the case
They could no longer investigate
Manpower was needed in another place
All avenues had been spent
Much like the money I’d managed to accumulate

So now I stand at a grave
With your name deeply engraved
The driving rain sinking in
I barely remember much of anything
All I have left is the past
This world took you so fast
Wish I knew where you went
Years have passed since that event
Never did get over it

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