Why do things have to be so difficult?
Artificial barriers of malcontent
A hamster wheel we call development
Aided by consumer culture detriment
Trapped within our self-imposed limit
Convinced that we should hold our space
While encouraging only a slow pace
But is a rung where we belong?
Or should we continue to strive on?
Climbing up the endless cliff
Ignoring whether we’re part of the pyramid
The top of which you will never reach
Those at the pinnacle will vote on it
Instead you are left to bitch and moan
Even though you could take control
Rip yourself from the path of follow
Then tread your own and ignore their wrath
As they dwell within the circumference
Its why they will never grow
Instead they dwell within the pit
Its just they make sure they are atop of it
So stop watching as the days go
Grab a hold and scream hell no
Break and reset instead of simply follow
Just don’t sit there and wallow
You can leave the box in the trash
Its time to move right past it
Things don’t have to be so problematic

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