Path To Tread

Yeah, this probably is a thing now. At least it is for the moment while I have additional stuff to post anyway.

You want it back but it can’t go that way
If it does we’ll simply breed the decay
Circle the drain without a clue
Become ghosts only able to say boo
Aid the rot that will never cease
Wave goodbye to a world at peace
Suffering and pain will be all that remains
Brand new dose of endless pain
To change the path is what must be done
No more over consumerism
Shift the model and watch it grow
Not damn the people to be drowned below
Or the list of names will never cease
That is not the message you should release
Life is more than an economy
Cause money is a construct like society
Whereas birth comes from love and joy
Not some selfish power struggle ploy
So take the chance to change the route
Before our species ends up moot

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