Vitriol Lashing

Sinking into the endless pit
Will you ever climb out of it?
As you sing about the moon
Another cacophony at noon
Shedding tears onto the floors
Locked behind your prviate walls

Pity for the selfish twins
You name them heirs of nothing
While the weeds weave and grow
Another fit do you throw
From on high the crows do call
Waiting for the curtains fall

Spitting vitriol in your sleep
Do you recognise defeat?
Lashing tongue of misery
Perverting hope to entropy
As your nails scratch and tear
This new day brings despair

Enraged by all those around
You flounder where you stand
Needles sinking deeper in
You want only suffering
As the rooms continue to rot
You realise this is all you’ve got

Drowning in your aging abyss
Why don’t you ask for assistance?
With leaves withered and dry
You hear your own fearful cry
Begging for even a moment of release
From deep within your self-imprisonment

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