Did You Really Think You'd Get Away

Six AM when I get the call
Another body in another hall
The same pictures in my head
I wonder what I’ll be faced with
Climbing into the drivers seat
Igniting another cancer stick
Barely able to stay awake
I need to feed this caffeine headache
As I meander down the street
Dreading how long this will take
Knowing I’ll be sick to my stomach
Just as well I was on a break
Pulling up at the address
Civilians gathered with interest
Then the reporters swarm
I give them absolutely nothing
Four floors up at the end
The body is just round the bend
Everyone with heads hung low
I already know this show
Then I catch just a glimpse
As the coroner leaves the mix
Massive pool of dark red
Its no wonder they are dead
I join the fray with authority
Dismissing most out of the way
Feeling nothing but a hole
The victim had been a pretty soul
Her hair still in a bun
Bleached blonde by the sun
Her eyes just simply gone
The latest victim of this scum
If only they had more to go on
Maybe I could pay it on
But as I sigh at the sight
I get word of a development
With the news I demand to know…
Where did the suspect go?
On the roof, is the crow
Apparently his name is Munro
So up the stairs I do bound
Now a suspect has been found
And right before my very eyes
There stands an arrogant prize
Caked in blood with no remorse
He bays for more violence
Bragging how we’ll get off
He doesn’t see there is no chance
I pull my gun and take aim
Drop the knife or bullet to the brain
He thinks I’m joking
Not so much when my barrel is smoking
His corpse is little more
Than a sack of meat raw
Do I even give a damn?
No cause he’s not breathing
So thats the tale of the night
Though it was day and there was no fight
Put a foot wrong
And you will be gone
One less abomination
Hope he likes damnation

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