Tragedy Is Not OK

Assaulted for being a ratThen comes in the baseball batBludgeoned til you’ve no sightSoon snuffed out will be your light What a display that should never ever beTook a life cause it was not as hard as it should beKilled so easily Scream until you’re brokeThen your throat they’ll chokeMake you suffer for being aliveWhatContinue reading “Tragedy Is Not OK”


Hi! OK the title of this one might make you think it’s Sci-Fi, but its not. In fact, I don’t really know what to call it. My best approximation is its crime horror. Can’t say more than that as I could give more away than I wish to and ruin the story. So without furtherContinue reading “Reskin”

Worlds Collide

Got another straight fiction story for you this week (about 11500 words). It’s about two brothers. Don’t want to say much else as it might give the story away. Hope you enjoy, Worlds Collide. Daniel Jameson, a man who is roughly one hundred and eighty five centimetres tall with swept back brown hair and blueContinue reading “Worlds Collide”

Blurb: Ill-Gotten Gains

Hi everybody! Blurbs are back! Well at least for this week anyway. Took me a while to outline this one and it did get a full revision before I started writing it but its done now. The full short story will be posted tomorrow as normal. But here is the blurb. Hope you like it!Continue reading “Blurb: Ill-Gotten Gains”

The Search

Story day has come round again. This time I’ve got a modern day fiction story for you. No blurb again this week. Didn’t feel that it needed one. It’s another shorter story (at around 5800 words). Hope you enjoy it! Derrick Williams is a middle aged caucasian man who is at this moment speeding downContinue reading “The Search”


Wednesday is upon us so without further ado here is Unhinged. Hope you like it! The bank is locked tight. Not because the working day has come to an end though. In fact, the sun is hours away from reaching its zenith. Instead, the bank is locked for a very different reason. Inside Jeremy MyersContinue reading “Unhinged”

Did You Really Think You'd Get Away

Six AM when I get the callAnother body in another hallThe same pictures in my headI wonder what I’ll be faced withClimbing into the drivers seatIgniting another cancer stickBarely able to stay awakeI need to feed this caffeine headacheAs I meander down the streetDreading how long this will takeKnowing I’ll be sick to my stomachJustContinue reading “Did You Really Think You'd Get Away”