Look Around

Float along the endless winds
While far below the water sings
Up high above the fluffy clouds
Sunlight keeps the skies alive

Far below the tidal waves
Where fish and fauna hide away
All is black and silent
But still life is so vibrant

Drift along the countless dunes
Above and below there are tunes
As the sun does bake the ground
Beauty of the world profound

Sail across the glassy blue
As the birds call out to you
Even as the storms to groan
Everything will still roam

So cast your gaze over the cliffs
As the waves crash into it
While the mountains pierce the sky
The rivers burble a new cry

Volcanoes spew out new land
Upon which life will found
Even while the snow does come
Settling below the sun

Trees towering beyond your reach
Bearing fruits of apple and peach
While the grasses sway in the breeze
High enough that you can’t see

So tell me now what do you see?
Is this just a place to be?
Or should we drink in the sights?
Before the start of endless night

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