Cyber Kingdom

Mechanical hearts in your chest, so stark
Another dose of pain will bring you fame
You build your walls up high and sit inside
But can you really say that you’re alive?

You replaced bone with steel, no care
Look to the sky but there’s no one there
What you hope for you can’t quite say
Maybe you’ve taken too much away

Change out your face to begin again
You’ll still be just another trend
A few days before you’re thrown away
Then what will you have to say?

Nothing remains of who you were before
You call it a choice but it was just abhor
Even the eyes are not your own
You lost yourself in this cyber kingdom

Now you weep without a tear
Trapped in a shell that gives you fear
Can’t even work out who you really are
Now you’re sure you went too far

Tragic story in a tragic land
The future of a part of mankind
Too busy pushing for the future to come
Didn’t want to wait and just let it happen

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