Dig And Weave

Digging in deeper to find the creeper
A whole new persepctive on the lost
With stars still falling from the sky
Will there ever be a reason why?
No point on dwelling as the tide comes in
Soon everything will be wiped clean
But still the voice continues to dwell
Until I demand that it does dispel

Weaving between the woven roads
Still have plenty of places to go
Fires keep the shadows at bay
Where is the brand new day?
Arms wide open for the next chance
Flip the coin and see what lands
No more tragedy does remain
We stand above this lost feeling

Pushing further than the pain
This is still our world to gain
With passion filling up our eyes
Do you really think we’ll be appeased?
No more crawling in the dirt
We love being free of guilt
As we laugh and cry with joy
We refuse to be your chew toy

Running longer than you will believe
This new face will never leave
As the day turns to night
Do you think you’ll stop the fight?
I can tell you you’ll never win
We are one and we are legion
So soon you’ll see the power in me
This is who we are supposed to be

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