Will you call into the night sky?
Ask for the reason you had to fade away
Cursing out every single solitary day
Begging for a chance at a redemption story
But all you get are the night sounds
Whispers and shadows sit all around
No words of remorse or a shred of respect
This madness will consume your every moment
What sad tale to tell the air
For there is no person here to care
All the eyes watched you fall from grace
They all laughed at your disgrace
Cackling that they’ll take your place
They called themselves a helpful face
Pouring over hints of make believe
Another slash forces you to grieve
As you become but a memory
Sorry that you will be gone from me
Tears fall like rain upon these lands
The ceremony was not all that grand
Sad to say as I looked on
And now every shred is all gone
Watching from the realm beyond
One day something might happen
So hold your place until it comes
Then make them feel all that they’ve done

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