Passing the river with another cry
A whole life of nothing but goodbye
Seeking a glimpse of the night sky
You still haven’t found your own way
A mirror of shade that you keep inside
Glances of what you once called pride
No option to be more than a prospect
Stabbing out with a lack of respect
Building up walls of hate and pain
This new direction is just insane
Catching flies to hold in your cage
Never willing to let go of the rage
All dreams you fashion from lying
When will you stop being the problem?

Sinking ships with just a wink
There are no lives left to eliminate
As you stare up at the sun rays
Blinding you of your decay
Before the war will come knocking
You still thirst off mocking
Pounding at the innocent lives
Trying to rob them of their prize
Hiding beneath the outer limit
Still trying to kill from within it
Nothing but a new disease
Weaving your way through the breeze
Making the nightmares come to pass
Will you stop trying to shatter them like glass?

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