Pound my face into the concrete
Still feeling completely weak
When will the rage abate?
At this rate I’ll need to medicate

Brevity begins to force its act
Another stab of hate at that
Feeling the itch surface again
I know I’ll soon be withdrawing

Hours pass while I descend
I know I can’t climb escape this thing
The itch has now decome more
I’m reaching for the open door

Slithering like I always do
If only I could combat this too
Sure I can’t subvert the drain
Another scream from my brain

Sweating cold and hot at once
Someone please fix this curse
I know I can’t hold on
Soon my mind will be gone

Convulsing without a choice
I adore what willt come next
While I hate what I crave
I linger in that drug haze

Swimming in this murderous abyss
I give myself over to this
Returning to my old addiction
I love and loathe this affliction

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