The Damned

Pour from the rivers of damned
Here we will go again
Bathing in the acid rains
As roars are contained

Spiral road of shattered joy
We will never be coy
Snapping bones upon the wheel
Nothing but a steal

Victims are but our blood
An altar of hardened mud
Wading through the empty realm
Time to start again

Sins of the father is a lie
This is our fated cry
As we bask in the rot
Time has been forgot

Climb above the giant bones
Where we fashioned our homes
Sinking below the tidal screams
We will condemn your dreams

Damning up the eternal will
Our blood does not spill
Casting line as we sing
Bloodlust is neverending

Dwelling upon the battlefields
We will never be repeeled
Birthing from the empty tomb
We are not of the womb

Filling in the cursed book
Thriving like a monarch
Basking in the bloody moon
Screaming our forever tune

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