Neural Fires

Cross off the prediction that you can still fly
Such a claim did go spiraling down to die
Fracture past the outer edge to what lays beyond
An area within which the world is still to come
Hosting jokes that were never funny from the start
Grasping at the shadow of the ever shifting heart
While calls of memory descend into the pit
Your vision has degraded more than just a bit
So as the waves come crashing down you’ll need to climb up high
If you don’t then you will be pulled out by the tide
An ample place to tread and ask what will come next
There will be no answer though cause you are cursed with hex
Such a seldom route to take that you never saw the trail
Batting back the enemy over which you’re hoping to prevail
But deep within the inner core there is just a space
Drenched in mud and flecked with blood is all that remains
So grasp a hold and sail upon the fever dream of you
The mold from which you broke never had a clue

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