No More

A knife in the back
Here you go again
Searching for a weakness
Betraying a friend
But too little too late
You won’t be fulfilling that hate
I’m too busy moving past it
Smiling into what’s coming
Invincible from your pain
Better luck on the next game

Kick to the teeth
You refuse to be beat
Aiming for my dreams
But I’m far from this
Oblivious to the attempt
Focusing on my future event
As you sit and weep
Unable to bring defeat
While I do as I please
I’m immune to your disease

Trapped in the night
No one to bite
You rage at the air
No one is there
Friends have all gone
They too decided to move on
Now you’re stuck there
A place we can’t hear
Maybe you should have changed
Instead you just wanted it to stay the same

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