I saw a sight that I don’t believe
It can’t be real for me to conceive
Just a mirage to my eyes
An illusion of my fractured mind
So I walk across the sand
Desperate for a change in land
My body weak and my soul corrupt
Some might want to call it just
But I just want a place to rest
A chance to get back to my best
But all I get is more betrayal
Visions that urge me to fail
None of this does truly exist
It’s like my name is on a list
Crushing me below the sodden ground
Enveloping somewhere I won’t be found
It’s why I question all I see
Not even sure it’s happening to me
Maybe it’s just another invention of the mind
Repaying me for when I’ve been unkind
But little can I do to avoid
It’s like I’m dreaming of being a droid
Shell without an independant will
Tempting me to resort to kill
So I shake my head and scream
I want this all to be a dream
Cause if it’s not then lay me on the barge
I refuse to dwell and live with this mirage

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