Wrap Yourself In A Flag

Another claim about how fair we are
While killing those who don’t obey
Just wanting them to go away
A finger on the trigger to force your agenda
Moments before your next bender
Drowning what you don’t agree
Covering what you love in filigree
While praying to the colours of your flag
Sickened at the burning crowd
Chanting for your very end
Just as the bodies mount again
Swearing you know the right way
A path that leads to simple misery
Lies filling up to the ceiling
Deny all those that are appealing
Claiming how you are the victim
Deflecting from your failed decision
Blaming those that do surround
They are nothing but a shroud
Concealing all you speak aloud
Never been an honest fellow
Instead showing you are yellow
Cowering beneath the endless waves
Poor people you think should be in graves
But only once they have served the master
You’re existence is just disaster
Bringing tension where none should live
Betraying the principles of everything
All for your personal gain
Insistence on increasing your fame
Sure that you can’t fall down
One day you’ll be without that crown
Wallowing deep within the mud
Then they’ll just call you bud
Seconds before the door slams shut
Imprisonment for your butt

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