Following orders you can’t comprehend
Your ruling is little more than pretend
Just a puppet for the master
Its why you’re filled with disaster
No ability to say a coherent thing
You only know parroting
Another statement from above
Its why you fail in the moment
Choice of words that doesn’t fit
Pretty sure you don’t understand it
Vocab of a little kid
Are you sure you aren’t illiterate?
Still that doesn’t explain the rants
Unless that is you are going mad
Which would explain your memory
Never heard of a certain category
One above the fourth degree
How long before you give the game away?
Pretty sure you’re getting close
But then you’re master will make you toast
Hope you don’t think it’ll end in joy
After all you’re just a toy
A figure to be moved around
No a person who is sound
But be sure that the day will come
Probably near the end of your run
Then the secrets will appear
Destroying all that you hold dear
But still you’re master will be fine
We won’t ever be done for the crime
As he sits among his fools
Having used you like a simple tool

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