You sent your ships out to the seas
Plundering goods for your own ease
Collecting all that you think is yours
Another heart of ash and cold
The winds of change are long lost
You know we can never cover the cost
While the waves batter our skin
This venom secretes from nothing
Battering the bones of the few
You have only lies to spew
Raping all the land you claim
Turn to ash the family name
Robbing all that sits in place
You are just a headcase
Cackling void of disgrace
Murdering just for more space
Armies wash across the mud
Leaving only bodies and blood
Enslaving the few that do remain
Forcing them to feel shame
Wrapped within your silken cloth
Believing you’ll ascend like a moth
Born again but much better
The rage inside is a love letter
Written for your mirror of pain
Rejoining just to fan the flame
Soon all will be barren brown
While you dance around the town
Enraptured by the suffering
Atop your empire of unending
Smile across that evil face
As you watch your ships sail away
Off to plunder new lands
Killing everything you can

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