Continue to cling to that rope
As you ascend up that slope
You can escape the pit
You just have to believe it

Don’t align with suicide
This doesn’t have to be the end of your ride
It may be bleak now but just hold on
Cause once you go you are forever gone

Things change and you can too
Darkness doesn’t have to beat you
Now think about what you want
And aim for it unrepentant

Never lay down and die
There is no limit to how high you can fly
Negativity doesn’t have to prevail
At some points we all believe we fail

Now dwell on who you’ll miss
How it will not lead to bliss
They will never be the same
Instead all they’ll feel is pain

Step back from the edge
And make that single solitary pledge
It’ll be hard but you can get through
The world will be darker without you

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