Eternity seems so far away
Give me another shot before adrenaline’s decay
Cause when all is said and finally done
What will be left for each and every one?
Maybe a picture meant to help you recall
Or perhaps that is something for which you should not fall
Can’t give a reason except to say it exists
Ball your hands into tired old fists
Proclaim a statement with which you don’t really agree
Another instance of trying to imitate somebody
It’s why things refuse to fall in and fit
A beginning to the latest trend that you insist to get
But dig a little deeper and the truth might spring forth
By that point your voice will be raw and hoarse
So take another hit my friend
For this is the start of what will become the end
No one wishes to admit so they are blind to see
Eternity is not what we once wished it to be
The adrenaline does nothing to ease the wear
It’s why all eyes will soon be left to stare
Gaze upon the final moments of time
Those seconds which could have been yours and mine

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