Scratch The Skin

There is no cure for the itch
It permeates through my flesh
Droning on the same detail
Reminding of how I’ll fail
Another stitch in the line
Running out of time
Then the mold will be set
Hardened by the problematic
A view to my tainted shell
Victory of the spell
Locked inside these four walls
Definition to the fools
While I bicker with myself
A cage of nothing else
Gilded by the hidden hands
No chance to make amends
While I continue to scratch
Begging for a way back
Skin as raw as meat
Proof that I have been beat
As the blood trickles through
Proof that I failed you
Trapped inside the little box
Nursing me like an injured fox
But my mind has been changed
And so I will soon be deranged
Gave into the endless crawl
The one that still won’t fall
So leave me now to the itch
The one that I cannot resist

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