Faith Dies

You claim to aid those who pray
Then how come so many suffer each day?
Show yourself and intervene
Stop allowing hatred to be seen
Change the path from misery
People’s strife is multiplying
Don’t they deserve some reprieve?
Not having to waste their lives away
Or are you just a being of makebelieve?
Creation of the men of greed
Twisting fate to enhance their need
Pots of gold that spread beyond
Still if you could just show your hand
Give a sign that is so clear
Maybe then the world will cheer
Faith restored in the old
Instead of society turning cold
Violent in its thirst to live
Committing atrocities of can’t forgive
Raging until the very end
If only a message you did send
Down from your highest throne
Give the people a blessed bone
But instead nothing comes
As the blood continues to run
Soon the streets will be red
And the innocent will be dead
Then only death shall prevail
Crashing of the once balanced scale

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