Rage against the hatred song
Before the chant of another one
Restless in the hanging grave
Pretending you were so brave
Haunting figures do surround
As the king of thorns is drowned
Lightless eyes upon the shores
Trying to breed the putrid sores
Spreading contagion on the winds
Sick schemer of everything
Picking at the hardened scab
Just so you can make another jab
Cause a fault along the chain
All so you can increase the pain
Rotten heart of new disease
Beating at hopes failed seeds
Sown among the great disasters
You believe yourself the true master
Emperor of the blackened core
Screaming your melody of gore
Torturing souls in entropy
Delighted as they plead away
Adorning yourself with the muck
As you feast upon a buck
Barren lands of murder surround
You call them your beloved ground
While you sit upon your infernal throne
Siphoning the blood of victims who moan
Cannibalising until only bones remain
All so you can repeat it all over again
Chanting the song we loathe so great
Rage enduced by your tone of hate

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