Death Of Gods

Rachel Flynn, better known as Rupture, is stood in the vast open living space of the mansion she shares with her lover, Balthazar The Illustrious. Her brow is deeply furrowed because of recent events, which Balthazar seems determined not to take as seriously as she feels he should.

After all, both Hayden and Aaron are dead. One might not be a coincidence, but both of them? That sounds like systematic elimination of their old team. It might have been years since they did the whole hero thing, saving people and what not, but it’s the only thing that connects both of the now dead ‘Gods.’ For that reason alone she thinks Balthazar should be worried. She is. Though, to be truthful she and Balthazar are far stronger than Hayden or Aaron ever had been. Still, she finds it necessary to inform her lover that, “We should be worried and I don’t understand why you aren’t.”

“I’m not worried because I see no reason as to why we should be worried, darling.” Balthazar says as he stands there in all his one hundred and ninety eight centimetre glory. His exposed six-pack on show for anyone present, Rachel is the only one, to see.

His hazel eyes study her intently while she stares back at him with her own grey eyes. She knows what she is looking for and that is a crack in his expression. Any hint that might indicate that he is putting on a brave face for her. But he isn’t. He truly isn’t worried about the recent deaths of Hayden and Aaron. She doesn’t understand and so she queries, “Why isn’t there?”

She feels she has to ask. Especially after Aaron had called and been shot down for voicing his own fears only then to wind up dead. His body torn limb from limb in a manner unlike anything Rachel has ever seen before in her life.

Balthazar steps forward until his body is mere millimetres from her own. He reaches for her hair; it ends a little past her shoulder blades.

His thin fingers run through her soft brown locks, while his eyes continue to stare into her very soul as he explains, “Because I am the most powerful God the world has ever seen. For that reason alone there is no cause for concern.”

He pauses for a moment as if to let his words sink in. It seems the brown haired man with a shirtless torso thinks that alone should be enough to quiet her fears. Yet, he detects that it is not and so adds, “And you are the second most powerful. And we are both a far cry from Hayden or Aaron. They were weak. Both were prone to indulge in frivolous activities. The kind that lead to you having a target painted on your back, and a price on your head.”

Balthazar speaks slowly and softly. It’s normal for him even with a voice as deep and commanding as he possesses.

His words are not enough though and Rachel feels one question, which he has not broached whatsoever, still needs answering and that is, “But how is it even possible they were killed in the first place, babe? Weak or not they were Gods and that made them superior to mortals in every way.”

Her voice breaks as she speaks. It’s uncharacteristic for Rachel and she despises the fear that she feels. It’s justified entirely, but she still hates its presence.

“The weakest of any species can still be killed with enough effort, darling. “ Are the words that leave his lips in the moments prior to him leaning in to embrace her within a loving hug.

However, the purpose of the hug is not to comfort her. Instead, it’s to declare that the conversation is over. Rachel knows it well, like she knows not to argue against it. Still, he makes the extra effort to whisper in her ear, “There is no need to worry. We are safe here.”

It’s meant as reassurance, though offers none. A silence hangs in the air between them until finally Balthazar speaks again and urges Rachel to, “Go have some fun. That’ll take your mind off everything.”

Rachel hesitates. Something Balthazar said earlier continues to resonate with her. And though she knows she shouldn’t bring it up she feels a need to.

“Do I, like Hayden and Aaron, overindulge?” Her voice is sheepish and child-like, which again for Rachel is entirely out of character. At any other time she would best be described as confident and sure. But right now she doesn’t feel it and needs reassurance.

“Never.” Balthazar assures before pulling back, spinning her around and then demanding, “Now run along and have a little fun.”

He licks his lips right after finishing his statement and then watches as she slinks away dressed in a white sweater and shorts. After all, it is the height of summer right now, and though the mansion is air conditioned it can get unbearably hot outside. And it’s not like AC can help with Rachel’s obsession for bathing at the poolside to help top up the tan on her long legs.

“Are you trying to get rid of me?” Rachel says playfully. Her uncertainty having now vanished with Balthazar’s reassurance given. He’s the only person who has ever been able to do that for her.

“You caught me.” Balthazar admits with a shrug that ends just as he launches into an explanation of, “I have some calls to make and deals to broker. The kind I know you detest because of their boring nature. I thought I’d spare you that, darling.”

Rachel smiles relieved. She really does hate all the boring brokering, researching and managing that Balthazar does. In fact, she doesn’t even understand why he does it in the first place. Between them they have more than enough money, but she trusts him. He’s proven himself faithful and dependable thousands of times over during the long years they’re known each other and lived together. It’s why she relents without another word and hurriedly skips off heading toward the basement. It’s her most favourite place in all the world, and why a wide grin is plastered across her face. Her mind swimming as she thinks about all the fun she is going to be able to have because of the possibilities available to her.

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