Swallow the pill
Prepare for your kill
Bury some remains in the ground
Soil is dirt and we’re not proud
Dig in deeper to gain a footing
Sounds so wrong when you’re looking
But ignore the pomp and deliver a prize
When will we get to decide?
I don’t have a clue
And nor do you
Just a line in the sand
Wish it was band
While my mind does a spin
Hand me the bin
I need to throw up
Feels like an affront
Stitch the sickness into me
Might actually set me free
But before I go I need to vent
Never will I be heaven sent
Instead just a patch of empty skin
This whole swarm is wearing thin
Just let me escape this hellish terrain
The one I conjured inside my brain
Cause these capsules are a curse
And I want no more of this herse
Self-inflicted from the start
Now I will quickly depart

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