March across the fields of the dead and gone
Chant about how you will save the song
Question all you can about the heart in stone
As you realise you are far away from home

Ready, aim, fire with only rage fuelled desire
While the cries ring out about the lies of empire
No more taunts about how to start the fire
As the booming sound drives you wilder

Soaked in mud from the pits of doom
While the crows cricle to the same old tune
Echoes of how you have become a loon
Pray that this hell will be over soon

So with shattered body and a warped mind
Drag yourself through to illuminated skies
Then seek a home upon the empty shores
A place where you are free of wars

The shellshock hate still hold your life
Its why you can barely sleep at night
And when you do you scream aloud in fright
Because you’re afraid most when the moon is high

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