Five, four, three, two, one
Blast off right into the sun
Deafening roar right in your chest
This is the dawn of our greatest quest
Ascend past the heavens through the sky
It’s almost like we’ve learned to fly

Seperation continues success
So far we’ve passed every test
As most of us watch from our homes
Unlike any sight we’ve ever been shown
Faces of awe continue to watch
Not something we want to botch

Pass over the invisible line
Everything is completely fine
Now we are among the stars
This new expanse can be ours
Rejoice and understand the joy
No point in being any form of coy

These are stories we should commend
None of this was ever pretend
It’s why satellites now whirl all around
Some might even be seen from the ground
Just the dawn of a new point in time
Everything about its ingenuity is sublime

This is space and we are now a part
And we are only at the very start
Cause our future is wherever we wish
An opportunity that we should not miss
So join me in raucous celebration
Mankind, potential planet sized nation

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