You feel the chill crawl up your spine
As the winds howl and you drop the line
The temperature will freeze you soon
You better get out of this snow storm
Cause if you are trapped in the open
Don’t think that you’ll be surviving

Cracking ice as you try to climb
One foul move and you’ll just die
Exposed skin won’t last long
The wind roars on and on
Frostbite will take what it can
Lose a digit or even a hand

Climate that you can’t survive
Stay in the warm or say goodbye
Thin ice will pull you in
Freezing water will be shocking
Hypothermia is a killer
Don’t end up like a frozen dinner

You think the chill isn’t that bad
That is when you will be sad
Your body is already shutting down
You won’t be claiming any crown
Extremities are soon to fail
No chance of ever setting sail

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