Blind With Sight

Two eyes can’t see a thing
It’s like no light is getting in
So break the stitches and actually look
If you don’t then the world will be shook
Do you really want that to your name?
With it comes every ounce of blame
What a burden to carry through time
Being blamed for the most avoidable crime

Two eyes that still refuse to look
Instead you stare at that empty book
So listen as I explain what comes next
And no don’t try and claim you’re hexed
That’s an oversimplifaction and lacks truth
So trust me when I say I know you have no proof
Hoping that the stars will somehow align
That kind of wishing will never turn out fine

Two eyes facing the facts
Tell me you don’t see the cracks?
I know you do and so you really should
All this is because you misunderstood
I could spin a yarn about how it’ll survive
However to do so would be a dive
Headfirst into that pit of disaster
The kind you hoped we would randomly master

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