Creeping down the corridor
Will you hear the creek and roar?
Nervous as a deer in light
The darkness might give you fright
Just before you turn the bend
Only to do it all again
Each step breeds more fear
The pit is growing deeper here
Then a sound does ring true
That’s when you stop and stew
Feel the silence deafening
Making you want to scream and swing
But instead you simply freeze
Attempt to not even breathe
Then when you’re sure you are alone
Forward you make your momentum
But still in the corners of your mind
Something feels like a crime
Its when the itch becomes a throb
Terror that you might soon lob
Caution right into the wind
Which will leave your progress in the bin
At which point you just die
Awaken with a scream and cry
Sure that it all was just a dream
Up until it starts again

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