Bully, lie, steal and cheat
What is your crime this very week?
You ask for sympathy but deserve none
You’re no victim you’re the venomous one

Now stop trying to play the fool
You’re the abuser calling it cool
So get your hands off of her skin
If I ever meet you I’ll be doing you in

Twisted monster wrapped in flesh
Do you ever feel like you failed the test?
Doubt it cause you’re never wrong
Too busy taking a hit from a bong

Shadows deserve more time in the sun
That’s why you keep spoiling for “fun”
Pity you think this is right
And claim that your star is shining so bright

The hate is full circle and I hope that you fry
One die the violence will be how you die
No remorse will be paid forth
Cause you are the scum of which we want nought

Now when the day comes we will gather with glee
Watch as you become not so mighty
Do you really think you will survive?
If you do then you will be destroyed by your pride

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