Scene Of The Time

Bang bang, and then you’re dead
Got bullets, shot through your head
Sad state of affairs, i’d like to say
Cause its like peace, has simply flown away

You could say free, but that would be cruel
Like a body, face down in a swimming pool
Blood thirsty, and determined to kill
How about calling a pause, to the bill

Otherwise, the bodies simply pile up
Until they spill, like an overflowing cup
Its not a sight, anyone wants to see
Instead we’d all prefer, to be skipping along merrily

But does anyone believe, that’ll fly?
My assumption is, we’ll just lay down and die
If i’m wrong, then please raise your hands
Cause as of right now, I doubt all of the vocal stans

They think everything, is just part of a ruse
An excuse, to put a match to the fuse
Watch as the flames, engulf all that we know
Cause no single soul, thinks about trying to go

Its why all that remains, is a smoking pyre
The list of the missing, read by a crier
Mass funeral of, every body that’s now ash
And worst part of all, there’s no ties in the aftermath

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